Who Should Attend

From Academia

Business Schools Teaching
Business School Research
Accountancy departments
Law Academics
Sociology and Cultural studies academics.
Economic Researchers
Islamic Studies Centres
MBA directors
PhD Research Directors.
Law lecturers
Business & Law Heads of department
Think Tanks and specialist NGO’s
Business Research Centres

From Companies

HR manager
Learning and Development
Talent Managers
Islamic Finance Leads and Business Head
Treasury offices
Company secretaries

From Countries and Embassies and High Commissions

Trade and Commercial attaché s
Education attaché


From Advisory and Consultancy

Major Consultancies
International Accountancy Firms
International Legal Firms
Insurance specialists

From Legal Accreditation & Regulatory

Customs and Excise

Members of

Stock Exchange AIM
British Bankers Association
Association of British Insurers.
Association of British Insurers
Chartered Bankers Institute
Trade Associations
Accountancy Professional Bodies
Management Professional Bodies
Legal Professional Bodies
Statutory training organisations
Chartered Institute of banking